SIL Togo-Benin

SIL Togo-Benin

SIL Togo-Benin is an NGO specializing in the development of the languages spoken in Togo and Benin, and is a branch of SIL International.

How does SIL Togo-Benin help in language development?

We mainly work in the areas of linguistics, sociolinguistics, literacy and anthropology, but are also involved in translating different documents (academic, technical, cultural, health-related, religious…) into these languages.

We strongly believe that the languages of these countries belong to the communities speaking them. For this reason, it is important to us to offer training in these subjects to Togolese, Beninese and others, with the goal of increasing their capacity to fully contribute towards this development.

We help local language communities so that they are able to conduct their own research which, for example, can lead to a relevant orthography, the beginning of a literacy program, or the making of a dictionary.

Other organizations play a role in the task of language development. We therefore offer our assistance to the governments of Togo and Benin and their institutions, as well as to other NGOs and associations established in the countries.

We are convinced that the countries’ languages and cultures are important and should be valued highly. SIL Togo-Benin affirms that as a minority community values its language and culture the people's identity is reinforced and they can integrate more effectively with the rest of the world. In developing its language, the community will be strengthened for future generations.

SIL Togo-Benin acts by invitation of the governments of Togo and Benin. It is a non-profit organization, which receives funds from private, public, educational and governmental sources.